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I met Kathryn at The Juice Bar. That makes so much sense now. I mean, knowing her now and her approach all that is good for the inside and the out, this healthy hangout was a no brainer when it came to the perfect place to chat.

Top Nashville Makeup Artist Kathryn Andres

As a makeup artist and hairstylist, all her work is beautiful, but there is just  something else. She doesn’t just turn out gorgeous hair and makeup looks. She shows up with value. Something to share. Something she she is passionate about.

She comes from a place of total wellness that creates beauty from the inside out.

And wouldn’t you know, her brand is called Beauti Inside Out? (Heart that)

Of course, eating right and getting exercise are always the standards. But Kathryn has something more than that to offer.

There is an actual light coming from the inside, which makes its way through to her work. You can see it when you look at the faces of her clients in photos. You can feel it through her captions on her social media. And it’s much more than just eating right and exercising.

We are so honored to have Kathryn working with us here at Black Tie And Blush  and I couldn’t help but want to dig in more to what she is all about and share it with you.

8 Questions for Kathryn Andres (Top Nashville Makeup Artist)

Kathryn Andres

BTB (Black Tie and Blush)-

KA (Kathryn Andres)

BTB: Kathryn! Thank you SO much for taking the time to answer a few questions!

KA: Sarah, Thank you for asking these questions! I would talk on and on about them!

BTB: I love how passionate you are. It really comes through, and I cannot wait to share more about you!

  1. BTB: So first of all, where does the name Beauti Inside Out, come from? Like what inspired it, or what is the meaning behind it?
    KA: The name Beauti Inside Out is an effort to remind the mind that beauty starts from within. As a society, we tend to determine beauty standards as external features. My hope is that by spelling Beauti with an “i” it will trigger the mind to think INSIDE and remember that the feeling of beauty is more so a reflection of the inner self. The name was inspired originally through new knowledge I had eight years ago when I learned about nutrition benefits internally to reverse aging. That is when it clicked for me that I was missing a key component in sharing about anti-aging skin regimens by only sharing about external options. At that time, I spelled my brand name Beauty Inside Out. With time, through hearing women’s stories (and through my own story), I started to value the “inside” aspect of the brand. That’s when I changed the spelling to an “i” in hopes of switching the paradigm of ‘beauti’ to a new meaning, with focus on the inside- mind, body and soul.
  2. BTB: Wow. I love that story. The way that the name evolved has so much meaning behind it. That explains why there is a real light that comes through in your online presence and of course, in real life ☺️
    So talk a little about your approach to wellness and how it relates to beauty.
    KA:  I approach wellness as a wheel that needs balance.
    Within the wheel is the physical, spiritual and emotional self to evaluate. I believe those are largely how we see ourselves as beautiful, and they are all equally important to invest in. While topically hydrating with skincare products is important, it is also important to me to discuss water consumption and sleep when the topic of dry skin comes up. This is just one example of how wellness translates to beauty to the eye.
  3. BTB: That makes so much sense. It can honestly be easy to forget how what we do to take care of ourselves on the inside, directly shows up on the outside.
    Do you have a story of personal change or transformation related to what you are passionate about in terms of health and wellness now?
    KA: “I’ve personally struggled with physical, spiritual, and emotional health. It’s been my personal journey that’s largely influenced my interest in integrating internally work into my brand. I grew up in a setting that was not mindful of overall health and wellness and developed destructive habits, like a drive-thru being my main source of nutrition. I am still on the journey, gathering data on what suits me, and everyone is uniquely different. In my journey, I have experienced transformation in the form of weight loss, more energy, clearer skin, physical and emotional strength, vulnerability, and peace of mind.”
  4. BTB: Wow. I feel like so many of us can relate to struggling in one or more of those areas. And so many times, if we have been able to get a breakthrough in some way, it inspires us to share what has worked with others, so I love that your brand is born out of your own, real-life experience.
    In your opinion, what is the one most important thing everyone can do to make an impact on overall well-being?
    KA: As it relates to external beauty & internal well-being – DRINK WATER
  5. BTB: Ha! Always a good one!
    How would this change affect outward appearance?
    KA: There are so many benefits from being hydrated. I have personally experienced fewer cravings which lead to more optimal nutrition choices, which leads to a healthier body fat %. The mind experiences much more clarity to focus, and the skin regenerates more optimally for less aging and more clarity. Also, there’s a self-worth component, knowing daily you nourished your body with water is an expression that you are nurturing yourself.
  6. BTB: Definitely.
    What is one product you cannot live without?
    KA: Oh, heavens! This is a tough one for me because I am certainly a product lover. Skin – Hyaluronic Serum & Makeup – Foundation
  7. BTB: I know, it’s kind of unfair to ask you to pick just one, huh?
    So, back to the inside, how is emotional health tied to beauty in your opinion?
    KA:  You know that quote, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I believe we recognize individuals as beautiful, based on how they show up and make us feel. Even more so, often we truly feel the most self-worth when we show up to others and ourselves in integrity.  Sure, there are social standards and trends for beauty, but it seems that experience beauti with how we connect well with others & experience our own beauti and worth when we are well connected to ourselves. Emotional health is crucial to truly feeling beautiful. It is such a win-win to seek emotional health because we can pour into others when we are filled up. Just like practicing to get a makeup look or hairstyle to feel beautiful – learning about and practicing emotional health has the benefit of feeling beautiful as well.
  8. BTB: I SO agree with you there. I feel like being intentional about practicing emotional health habits is like a muscle that gets strengthened and easier to use over time. Love that.
    Last one: Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that helps you?
     KA: Progress over Perfection <3
    BTB: 100%, yes! Something we can all do.
    Nashville Makeup Artist Kathryn AndresThank you, Kathryn, for sharing your “beauti” philosophy with us!

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“Beauti” Inside Out With Kathryn Andres


September 28, 2019


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