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Q: What are your prices?
A. For a full list of a la carte and package prices, please visit our Services page.

Q: Do you travel?
Yes! This is our way of making your experience with us as easy, relaxing and convenient as possible. We come to you not only on the day of the wedding but also for your trial appointment. There is no charge for this service if you are within a 20 mile radius of the nearest city we serve

Q: How do I book your team?

A. To reserve our team, or book services for your wedding or special event, submit a request form on our contact page. You may also text us at 615.589.5055 because we like to make things convenient like that. Annndd we like options.

Q: I am looking around for just the right hair and/or makeup artist. Can I book a trial run appointment before I decide to hire Black Tie And Blush?
A. Absolutely! We like choices and we love proving ourselves. A Bridal hair trial is $200 and a Bridal makeup trial is $200. Plus, we come to you to provide the services at no charge within 20 miles of Nashville

Q: When should I have my trial?
A. We think 6 to 9 weeks out is perfect. But everyone’s opinion is different. Here’s our logic: Say you are growing your hair as long as possible before the wedding, you want to be as close to your wedding-day length as possible. Hair grows a half an inch per month, so even at 6 months, you are still going to have around 2.5”-3” more hair to work with on the big day. Same with hair color. You will want to be at your hair color goal in order to, A). envision how your hairstyle will actually look on that day relative to your hair color and B). be able to accurately order any extensions you may want to have for your bridal hair style. Same with makeup trials. Seasons bring on different shades of skin and if you are planning a winter wedding but have your makeup trial done in the summer, your makeup artist will not be able to notate color and products properly when planning your palette and skin-care needs. To get the most accurate preview of how your hair and makeup will look, having your trial as close to your wedding season as possible seems best to us. 

Q: How long should I allow for my trial?

A. Black Tie And Blush allows 1.5 hours for each bridal trial service. For brides, please allow 3 hours for a hair and makeup trial

Q: Can I try more than 1 hairstyle or makeup look?
A. Of course! Multiple trials can be booked for different days or we can try up to 3 different hair and makeup looks on the same day. We ask that this request be made at the time of booking the trial to ensure artists are available for an extended period of time. A fee of $100 per additional hour after the first trial run, will be applied to the total trial fee.

Q: Can my mom or bridesmaids have trials too?
A. Of course! We are happy to accommodate trials for moms or bridesmaids at the time and location of the bridal trial. 
The number of trials for moms and bridesmaids is limited to (1) hair and (1) makeup trial per person on that day. 
Black Tie And Blush is available for booking bridal-party trial services at a rate of $100 per service. 
For example, Mom’s makeup trial would be $100 and a hair trial for her would be $100. So, if she (or a bridesmaid) receives a hair and makeup trial, the cost would be $200 for a 2 hour appointment. 
Bridal-party trials (this means moms and bridesmaids) must be booked in advance along with the bridal trial. Please allow 1 hour per service (this means 1 hour for hair and 1 hour for makeup).
For each additional artist needed to accommodate trials for moms or bridesmaids, a $100 fee will be applied to the trial appointment. 
Please note: the trials will be added to the overall wedding hair and makeup invoice. No money will be collected the day of trials unless you’d like to tip artists either in cash or via Venmo.

Q: How long before my wedding day should I wash my hair?
A. A nice clean pallet is always best! So you should wash your hair the night before or even the morning of the wedding. 
Please note: The ONE important thing to keep in mind, is that it is very important your hair is COMPLETELY dry. You may want to remind bridesmaids and mamas of this. Anyone coming to the bridal hair appointment with wet hair will be charged a $40 blowout fee in addition to the wedding hair style and we will not be able to guarantee an on-time finish for the bridal party. Any additional fees will be invoiced and due no later than 1 week after the wedding. 
But don’t worry about clean hair not holding the style. Our artists will build the right products into your hair to guarantee that it will hold it’s shape throughout all the festivities!
“Clean” is also the rule with your makeup look. Please come with a freshly-cleansed face, free of mascara.

Q: Do you have a maximum number of people you can manage for wedding hair and makeup?
A. 15 people is our max that we book without an additional coordination fee starting at $300. We can certainly handle larger wedding parties and are always super-happy to do so! The only difference is that when the number of people gets higher, we know that we need to do a bit more planning and coordinating with the other vendors. Also, we need to be even more strategic in making sure that everyone in your party is well attended, comfortable and has an amazing experience. We seriously pride ourselves on taking the very best care of our brides and their friends and families. 
When the number reaches more than 15, we will work one on one with you and your vendors to assure that we provide the perfect experience for your larger group. Based on your needs, we will customize the pricing structure to reflect your unique experience

Q: How long does it take to get everyone ready on the day of the wedding?
A. Of course, this will totally depend on the number of people receiving services, but we like to allow an hour and 15 minutes per service for the bride and 45 minutes to 1 hour for each service for each bridal party member. 
So, for example if there are 2 artists working on 4 people having hair and makeup services done, and this includes the bride, it would take approximately 4 hours. We like to give ourselves a little cushion.

Q: What is airbrush makeup?

A: Airbrush makeup is an alternative method to applying foundation.The foundation sits on top of the skin and sets immediately allowing more coverage with less product It has a blanket-like finish as opposed to fuller coverage of traditional makeup. It is applied in a small amount which is misted from a machine with a gun-like attachment. The fine mist of color covers the skin and gives the appearance of a flawless complexion. The makeup artist mixes the perfect shade for your skin tone. 

Q: Can you stay for touch-ups for the service and reception?

A. Yes! We can offer this service so please mention this at the time of booking. The cost is $150 per hour, per artist, for each additional hour after initially finishing all the looks. We are happy to stay just till the end of the service or into the afternoon/evening if required. Price will depend on the number of extra hours required of us to stay.

Q: How far do you travel?
A. We are available for travel anywhere in the U.S. 
There is no cost for travel within 20 miles of Nashville. 
For locations between the distance of 20-40 miles of Nashville there is a $100 travel fee. 
For locations between 41-100 miles of Nashville, the cost would be $200.
For locations between 101-250 miles, the cost would be $500.
For locations further than 250 miles, we will create a custom travel package quote for you based on your needs.
There is $50 non-refundable admin fee to craft your travel and accommodations quote.

Q: What about tipping?
A. We want to make sure we do everything we can to create the best experience ever for you. And we want you to be thrilled with your look. So if you would like to tip the artists, feel free to tip in cash or ask them for their Venmo to tip them later. 

Q. Do you have a salon/studio I can come to for the trial?
While our business model is to cater to you by coming to where you are for your trial appointments and on your big day, we occasionally receive requests to come to our studio space. So we are excited to be in the process of finding our perfect brick and mortar space to accommodate our clients and brides. However, because our permanent space is not ready yet, we have options for studio space upon request. Just let us know that you’d like to come to us and we will arrange the accommodations. 
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