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Which Bride Are You?

Bride with deep vintage waves, side part, red lipstick, bouquet and veil smiling at the camera

Amanda wanted a vintage-inspired look for her wedding at Riverwood mansion in Nashville, Tn.
Hair by Sarah Crews of Black Tie And Blush
Photo by John Myers Photography

These days, a “bride” can be anything. And that is the beauty of dreams come true.

Truth: I love a good quiz that tells me about myself. I don’t really know why I put stock in what some online result generates after I jump through a few hoops answering questions, but darn it, right or wrong, it intrigues me every time. Who’s with me?

So I figured, what could be more fun than creating a quiz that predicts a person’s bride style? Seriously, whether you are 9 or 99, it’s just interesting.  You may have been dreaming of your big day since kindergarten or you may be 6 times divorced but never stopped believing in love. There are no rules these days anyways. And I love that.

If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, you can check it out here.

If you’ve already taken it and have your result, click your style below to see a wedding mood board created just for you.

-Boho Chic Bride

-Classic Bride

-Princess Bride

-Avante Garde Bride

-Modern Bride

-Chic Bride

-Vintage Bride

-Green Bride

Feel like your result is not really you? Well, I guess these quizzes can be tricky sometimes. Did you try to mess with it? (LOL, JK). Seriously, if you are like, “no way this is me” hop on over here to check out the other results

Which Bride Are You? Find Out Your Unique Bride Style


August 11, 2019


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