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Bride and Groom Standing outside in the fall
Black Tie And Blush Bride at The Barn At Sycamore Farms

Fall brings a different type of vibe, especially when it comes to weddings.

Let’s discuss the 3 must-have beauty products for fall brides. These are a little snippet of the favorites list of go-to’s from our team here at Black Tie And Blush.

Did you know that autumn is the most popular season for tying the knot? At least that’s what we have found to be true here in Tennessee.

When searching for fall wedding beauty inspiration, brides have no shortage of sources to choose from. The colors, the clean, crisp air, the crunch of leaves and the endless possibilities for infusing gorgeous natural elements into the decor all take center stage in the autumn. But when it comes to beauty, there are some key things to consider:

Your hair can start to suffer in the fall

Black Tie And Blush Bride Reagan cares for her long, coppery locks all year long with Vitamins and a professional hair care routine. Her hair was in exceptionally beautiful condition when her wedding day arrived.

Shed much?

This time of hair can have you leaving a trail of fallen hair behind you. Have you noticed?
Seasonal hair loss is a thing so if you feel like you are noticing your hair falling out more than usual, it may not be your imagination. The hair cycle can coincide with the seasons of the year and be affected by hormones that may respond to shortened daylight hours. While seasonal hair loss is not normally something to worry about, you can combat the issue by adding in an extra dose of Vitamin D. Plus, a little extra Vitamin D can help restore shine and health of the hair.

Full disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive a small commission compensation on qualifying purchases if you purchase through the links below.

Naturewise Vitamin D3

I love the Naturewise brand. Climate friendly, made in the USA, I have had great luck on my own hair-thinning journey by supplementing Vitamin D year round. Vitamin D helps regulate cell cycles, which is important to hair growth, especially as the season changes and your body is working to maintain a steady hair growth cycle and combat the shedding phase from coming on too soon during the cooler months.  

Your skin can lose it’s glow

Bride makeup with eyes opened and closed
Black Tie And Blush Bride, Meghan shows off her glowing wedding day makeup finish created by Mandy Davis

The cooler temps can draw moisture from your skin causing it to lose it’s glow.

 Dryer skin looks duller and more ashy. Hydrated skin looks healthier and more youthful. So using serums with vitamin C and hyaluronic are especially great to help keep skin looking beautiful.  Hyaluronic acid helps keep skin moisturized while vitamin C protects from sun damage and can help fade skin discoloration as you come out of the summer season into the fall.  Here one I am loving right now. LaRoche-Posay Vitamin C Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Want to keep that dewy look all day and into the night?

Nyx 16 Hour Dewy Finish

Oh my GOSH, you guys. I am officially obsessed.

Recently, I was working a wedding with one of the amazing makeup artists who works with us, Nicky. And she had this jewel in her kit, misting each bridesmaid’s face after applying their makeup. The finish was this dewey, glow that  made each person look like a hydrated goddess and I said,  “Give it to me right now!”  

When I sprayed the fine mist on my face is was heaven. It smelled so nice and was so refreshing. Nicky said that she had discovered it and was obsessed too, since “the dew” lasts for 16 hours. Y’all, she was right!  It lasted me the rest of the day and night until I washed my face at bedtime. THIS is a new staple I will keep year around. But for the cooler months particularly? Chef’s kiss. 

It wouldn’t be fall without some color

woman wearing fall makeup.

Part of the fun of autumn is renewed inspiration with makeup!

Hair and skin care are important but the real fun is in all the gorgeous colors of the season

Recently, Black Tie And Blush’s Associate Coordinator Aly, shared this fantastic eyeshadow palette she found and I LOVE it! So I am passing the goodness on to you. Check it out:

Everfavor Professional Makeup Palette for Fall-35 colors!

Buying a new makeup pallet just for a season doesn’t always make sense, but if you are feeling as inspired by fall weather as I am, you might want to treat yourself to this spicy little autumn gem, especially for how many colors you get at the crazy-affordable price point. Plus, the colors are neutral enough to be carried into other seasons as well. It has matte and shimmer options too. This one is a value-packed fave I just picked up for myself and I’m feeling really good about it. 

Important: Don’t neglect your skin care routine before your wedding.

Visit our short-read post, Natural Vs. Neutral for a short, tried and true, list of products you can grab to establish a quick, easy and affordable skin care routine NOW so that your skin is in the healthiest, clearest condition possible for your wedding day.
Don’t know your skin type? Get our free, 3 step guide that tells you how to determine your own skin type in less than 30 minutes!

Enjoy the fall, pumpkin!

Happy Wedding Planning!


3 Must-Have Products For Fall Brides

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October 6, 2023


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