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Did you know that most professional hair and makeup artists absolutely recommend a bridal hair and makeup trial?  It’s true. One of the biggest mistakes brides make when it comes to their wedding day look is foregoing the trial run with their hair and makeup artists. 

It is very important not to skip this step if you plan to hire professional hair and makeup artists for your wedding. 

Why is getting a bridal hair and makeup trial important?

Bride to be with her trial hair and makeup done
Bride to be Stefanie was super happy with her trial run appointment with hair styling by Sarah Crews and makeup by Mandy Davis. She had her veil on hand as well to try out different placements with her hair style

The reason that getting a bridal hair and makeup trial is almost always recommended is because it allows you and your artist to come up with a game plan for success.

It is a fact that brides who invest in a preview appointment to do a trial run, are happier overall with the outcome of their look on the wedding day. 
And fun fact:  As the founder and artist here at Black Tie And Blush, I have noticed that most brides request a detail change or two when it comes to the wedding day. 
Having had the chance to wear the hair and/or makeup look prior to the wedding day gives the bride the opportunity to see how well the look lasted. They can judge if the look was comfortable to wear, and to get a sense of what they might like to tweak on the big day. 

A good hair and makeup artist will make notes during the trial run about the products they used and the approach they took to creating the look. Then, on the day of the wedding, they can take the feedback from the bride and make the changes necessary to truly accomplish a bride’s perfect vision.

When should I book my bridal hair and makeup trial?

Bride to be looks at her calendar and wonders when to schedule her bridal hair and makeup trial

The sweet spot for booking a bridal hair and makeup trial run preview appointment is somewhere within 6-12 weeks out from your wedding.

However, you will definitely want to secure your hair and makeup team way before this. The very best bridal hair and makeup artists book up a year or more in advance. 
So it is important to do your research to find the right artists to fit your particular personality, likes,  dislikes, vibe, etc.  Referrals from venues are one of the best places to start since most venues have had the most sought-after teams in their spaces multiple times and they know which teams are professional, reliable and skilled, kind and easy to work with. 


Now, this can present a dilemma. 

How do you know if you will even like the work that the bridal hair and makeup artist does if you book in advance?
There are a couple of approaches here:

  1. Extensively research your team on the front end and ask to see which artists from their team are available for your date.  Work closely with the hair and makeup team first to see photos of the artist’s work. Be sure to ask questions such as: “how many years of experience does this artist have?” or “What type of look do they most commonly do?” and “Do they have extensive background” in your skin type, preferences in products, etc. 
    If you are satisfied with the feedback you receive, it is important to work with the company to be sure that you are guaranteed to have that particular artist for your trial run and your wedding day.
    With this approach, you are pretty safe in booking your hair and makeup team in advance and resting assured that you will be more than ecstatic with your bridal look on the day of the wedding.
  2. Book an a la carte, trial run before booking your bridal hair and makeup team. This really is the best way to feel the very safest in booking your hair and makeup team.  Note that most teams will charge a premium fee for scheduling a trial run without a commitment to booking, but may credit you a portion of that fee should you decide to go ahead and secure them for services. 
    This is how we do it at Black Tie And Blush. Check out our full pricing and booking guide to bridal trial preview appointments and wedding party services 

How much does a bridal hair and makeup trial cost?

Bridal hair and makeup trial cost really depends on the company you go with. However, a range for services ranges anywhere between $150 to $300 for a hair or makeup trial. If you book your hair and makeup team first, you will likely save money on your trial run. This is especially true when a trial is included into a package. However if you do book a la carte, you may receive a percentage of a credit later, if you decide to book that particular artist.
Prices can vary as well for in-studio services versus on-site services across different bridal teams. For us, at Black Tie And Blush, we are an all mobile beauty team. So we have no physical location. We come to your for no additional fee if you are within a 20 mile radius of the Tennessee city where you book. For more on travel pricing fees check out our full menu of prices.

We did a fun Instagram poll after Stefanie’s trial run and asked which veil placement was their favorite. Pretty even split! Which one is YOUR fave?

How to prepare for the perfect trial run

The key to the perfect preview trial run appointment is being sure that your hair and skin are in the best condition possible. If you plan to incorporate hair extensions, you will want to bring those with you, if not already installed. It’s important for the artist to be able to use all of the elements that will go into your hair style in order to get an accurate preview.

Not sure if you need extensions?
Know nothing about extensions?
Check out our blog post “Best Extensions For Your Wedding Day”
It’s a quick read with all the info you need to know, plus a list of or faves.

Also remember to bring your veil or any hair accessories you’ll wear, so you can see how they work with your hairstyle.

You also want to be sure your skin is clean and well hydrated. Beginning a skin care routine now, if you have not already done so, is key to the quality of the skin your artist will have to work with. A good skin care routine will help clear up blemishes, reduce pore size and promote cellular turnover for a smoother appearance.

Skin care does not need to be complicated. You can start simple and build on later. Skin care can be a fun, creative self-care practice that you enjoy while improving the look of your skin.

Check out our article Natural vs Neutral to see some of our favorite skin care products for any budget.

Happy wedding planning and don’t forget how important your trial run is!
To check availability for your wedding date or to book a trial run preview appointment, click here

Happy wedding planning, Beauty!



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September 24, 2023


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