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Planning your wedding means making a lot of choices. But one of the very MOST important choices is how you will style your hair and makeup for the MOST important day of you life. Don’t stress! Here we have compiled a list of The Top Most Popular Wedding Hair Styling Trends on the horizon for 2023 from yours truly, Black Tie And Blush, Nashville’s best beauty team.

To help with this decision, we have compiled our picks for the
Most Popular Wedding Hair Trends for 2023
Stay tuned for another post soon for our pick for the most popular makeup trends. That’s coming up soon.

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Ok, let’s take a look now at our list of Most Popular Wedding Hair Trends for 2023


The middle part is still trending right now, but we are seeing it make appearances quite often with a leek, low bun

Always chic and classy. It exudes confidence and makes a low-key statement for the right bride.

Many lengths of hair can be worked into this style.

Choose a bridal netting over the face which is trending this year for even more of a statement. Also pearls are a hot trending accessory for 2023

wedding hair style with pearl accessories
Pearls and sleek chignons are trending for 2023.
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Loose, softly waved hair, is a timeless, romantic look that is always going to fit into the wedding day style book. Here we see a Black Tie And Blush Bride from 2022 with a sleek middle part and jeweled barrettes. She had a very Hollywood feel to her look with a very current and trending styling approach. With her plunge-neckline gown with balloon sleeves and a faux-fur white stole, Lily took our breath away.

Loose waves create texture and movement (which is going to look great in your photos), it’s an effortless way to have gorgeous hair on your wedding day.

Bride with loose waves hair style and middle part with jeweled barrettes
Black Tie And Blush Bride, Lily as stunning with her loose waves and sleek middle part.
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Braids can be found in so many different styles from up-styles to braided crowns, to small braids accented in big beach waves.

There’s nothing new about this trend and it is a trend that seems to still be going strong especially in our neck of the woods here in Nashville, Tn. We are seeing regular, 3 strand braids petaled out for drama as well as multiple braid combinations within the same hair style

Bride with textured braid style
Black Tie And Blush Bride Katie wore clip in extensions to help bulk up her textured braid style and create length.
Want to know what YOUR Bride Style is? Take the Quiz!

Half -up Styles

Can’t decide on whether to wear your hair up or down? One of the most popular hairstyles chosen for weddings over the last decade has been a half-up/half down style. We are seeing this trend continue into 2023 with more variables and options than ever. Braids are incorporated many times. Also, this is a perfect way to showcase that “something old” piece of family heirloom jewelry as it provides a perfect focal point to attach the special piece while still having hair framing the shoulders and face. It is no wonder why this is such a popular look. You have the best of both worlds here.

Pony tails

The ponytail has become one of the most coveted hair styling looks over the last few years. Made popular my many celebrities, it evokes a feeling of effortless beauty. Clip in extensions are key to making this style pop with density, volume and shape. And of course, it should always be perfectly wrapped.

Elegant Ponytail Bridal Hairstyle
Hair by Chelsea Rotella for Black Tie And Blush

One of the best ways to decide on your wedding hairstyle is to consult with your professional stylist and try out different looks.I f you’re in the Nashville area, book a free phone consult with me, and let’s find your perfect wedding day look!

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Wedding Hair Trends For 2023


Most Popular Wedding Hair Trends for 2023


December 1, 2022


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