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Planning your wedding means making a lot of choices.

And for some of us (like me), having to make so many important decisions about one of the biggest days of your life, can be a bit overwhelming and stressful.

So, after you’ve said yes…

And start planning, you’ve got nothing but decisions to make!

Like seriously hundreds of decisions: Setting a date, choosing colors, the venue, the food, who’s in your wedding party, finding the perfect dress…

It’s enough to drive even the most decisive girl – a bit crazy.

However, even if you do feel like you have gone a bit mad by the time your big day rolls around, you still want to have that drop-dead gorgeous, glowing bride look that’s going to drive your partner totally wild.

As a stylist, I’ve done my fair share of wedding hair-dos and I have helped a lot of unsure brides find the perfect hairstyle that made them feel like the very best version of themselves, to complete their stunning look.

So, just to make things a bit easier for you, I put together a list of wedding hair trends for 2020, to help you narrow down some ideas for your wedding hair:

Middle part

The middle part is trending right now, but I don’t suggest it for everyone. A center part can be a bit unflattering with certain hairlines, textures, and face shapes.

But, you can still achieve that sleek, trendy middle part look with a slightly off-center or diagonal part.

Here’s why a middle part is a good look for your wedding day-

  • It is bold
  • It defines your face
  • It looks great with oval and round face shapes

Pro tip: Use the bridge of your nose as a guide to center your middle part. To make it easier to get it straight, part while your hair is wet.

Loose waves

Loose, softly waved hair, is a timeless look that is always going to fit into the wedding day style book.

It’s a very romantic look and is going to hold up well for a big day of photos of you dancing, laughing, and smiling.

Loose waves create texture and movement (which is going to look great in your photos), it’s an effortless way to have gorgeous hair on your wedding day.

Model against neutral gray backdrop wearing a white tank top with dark hair.


Natural hair texture and a bit “undone” is a trend that is going strong these days.

For a few years now, playing up your hair’s own natural wave and curl rather than straightening it out or creating fixed curls, has been growing in popularity. Even updo’s are changing with a trend towards textured ponytails and messy buns with loose pieces, and fallout strands framing the face.


Braids are a versatile hair-do that can be found in so many different styles from up-dos to braided crowns, to small braids accented in big beach waves…there’s nothing new about this trend, but the types of braids that are in style have evolved.

Some styles of braids are dated, and I have been seeing a trend towards not doing them as much. Even still, you can look at wedding photos from the 1500’s, and find brides with braids. It’s a centuries-old, tried and true bride-favorite look.

Feminine Hair accessories

Bold, statement-making, feminine accessories are popping up all over the wedding hair scene. While feminine hair accessories on a bride are nothing new. You might be surprised by the types of accessories that are becoming popular.

Other than the traditional tiaras and veils, some of the accessories you’ll see on brides this year:

  • Turbans
  • Bows
  • Scarves
  • Clips

Using a statement hairpiece is an exciting way to dress up your hair on your big day.

Still not sure?

One of the best ways to decide on your wedding hairstyle is to consult with your professional stylist and try out different looks.

If you’re in the Nashville area, book an appointment with me, and let’s find your perfect wedding day look!

Message me!

Wedding Hair Trends for 2020


March 3, 2020


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