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What is your unique bride style? Pinterest is a sea of inspiration but how do you truly identify  who  your bridal spirit animal is?

Below, I have pulled together 8 types of brides based on my years in the wedding industry, my travels and experience in the luxury hair care world.  These bride styles seem to represent the majority of types but of course, we all know that neat little categories hardly encompass any of us fully. And putting ourselves into a box is never a good thing.

That is why I invite you to read through these 8 bride types and find your bridal spirit animal. Which one do you identify with the most. Or better yet, which amazing combination of the styles below will make up your purely original bridal style?

What characteristics make you uniquely you?  Find your own unique bridal style and use it to plan a wedding unlike anyone else’s and make it one that won’t soon be forgotten.



Boho Bride:

You have a wanderer’s spirit. You’re  an adventurer. Your style is a bit unconventional and you embrace freedom and love for all. You are not tied down to any particular aesthetic and your wedding will be centered around connecting with, and enjoying your friends and family.
Your wedding hairstyle is loose, free and intentional with an effortless feel.
Your makeup? It’s about creating a natural look with a hint of drama, usually with a soft, smokey eye makeup look, a pop of colour on the cheeks and a natural, kissable lip.

Your beauty comes naturally, and is driven by what’s inside more than what’s outside. You tend to go with the flow when it comes to a beauty regimen and prefer to simply take care of your body and treat yourself right rather than use a lot of product.

Click here for Boho-style wedding inspo  you will love!

Bride smelling bouquet on a balcony with scenic hillside background

Gorgeous Boho Bride captured at Nashville wedding venue, Cheekwood Photo by:
Hair by Sarah at


Classic Bride:

Your wedding style is timeless and never goes out of fashion and your beauty and taste will always transcend. Photos of your wedding will never cause you to cringe and say “What was I thinking?” and your wedding style  will never scream a particular decade. Family, tradition and perhaps your faith are very important components of your wedding. You are kind and down to earth.

Like a timeless love story or a beautiful sunset, your beauty style stands the test of time. Your style is not overly complicated, but it looks marvelous and often leads people to wonder how you do it.

Click here for classic wedding inspo  you will love!

Bride with long train standing on a porch overlooking farm

Gorgeous Classic look on this beautiful bride at Mint Springs Farm in Nashville, Tennessee. Hair By Sarah Crews of
Makeup by Mandy Davis
Photo by Greg and Jess Photography.

Princess Bride

Your wedding is your day to sparkle. All eyes on you. It is the day that you will feel the most beautiful and you are marrying your Prince or Princess Charming! It is the fairytale you have dreamed of since you were 5. No holding back. Your wedding will not be like anyone else’s. It will be set apart by a unique theme or venue. It will be a storybook event that everyone will remember.
Your hairstyle may be a high, sleek bun or involve hair extensions to create a dramatic look if worn down. Makeup involves playing up the eyes and lips. Full lashes, lined eyes and even a bit of shimmer are in order for this magical day.

Click here for princess-style wedding inspo  you will love!

Groom Kissing Bride outdoors with trees

Newlywed couple Aaron and Allison on their wedding day.
Hair By Sarah Crews at Black Tie And Blush
Photo by Cannon Wedding Photography

Modern Bride

You are always on-trend. Your look never ceases to keep up with the times without sacrificing your own individual style. When others need advice on the latest pairings, you are the source. Your wedding style is a collection of many different elements. You are not tied to one particular theme. So many cool ideas these days, there is no way your wedding will look like anyone else’s. It is very personalized. The sky is the limit and your are not really sure if Pinterest is your friend or foe!

Your wedding hairstyle reflects your ceremony style. So many options. A sideswept style, braided chignon or half-up look may be your choice. With makeup, there are so many options these days. However, the modern bride knows the difference in dated and current.Check out the products we’ve selected to help keep you on point.

Click here for modern wedding inspo  you will love!

Bride with Yorkshire Terrier being kissed by groom

Bride Nicole made her little Yorkie a part of the ceremony.
Bridal Hair By Lisa Metz
Photography: Kate Cauthen of KCP Weddings

Chic Bride

You know style. Your wedding reflects the impeccable fashion sense that you not only understand inherently, but can pull off so well. Rightfully, you pride yourself on knowing what is actually in vogue and what not to do. You are never over-done but you know how to make a statement. And your wedding will reflect that.

Your hairstyle may be a polished chignon or low ponytail to reveal designer earrings or worn straight and down, draped over one shoulder.

Click here for chic-style wedding inspo  you will love!

Portrait of a chic bride with updo, red lipstick

Hannah is a chic, winter bride.
Hair and Makeup by Sarah Crews Of
Photo by Brooke Kelly Photo
Nashville Tennessee. Houston Station

Vintage Bride

You are not the average bride. You have a wise old soul with a bit of an edge. Your wedding style will reflect your love of the throwback eras. Those classic elements that evoke so much interest and nostalgia will be the foundations of your big day. Your style is unique and your wedding will not disappoint.
Your wedding hairstyle may include finger waves or deep-set curls and a side part, set off with a bold or red lip color.

Click here for vintage wedding inspo  you will love!

Bride with deep vintage waves, side part, red lipstick, bouquet and veil smiling at the camera

Amanda wanted a vintage-inspired look for her wedding at Riverwood mansion in Nashville, Tn.
Hair by Sarah Crews of Black Tie And Blush
Photo by John Myers Photography

Green Bride

Nothing is more beautiful than what nature gave us. Your day will honor the environment by minimizing your ceremony’s carbon footprint as much as possible. Everything from your gown to the food will be as organic and responsibly sourced as possible without compromising beauty and style.

Your hairstyle will embrace it’s natural texture. Whether straight, wavy or curly, product will be minimal save for perhaps a bit of coconut oil to help control any fly-aways or frizz.
Your makeup will be fresh and natural-looking, with a berry or blushy rose lip

Click here for Earth-friendly wedding inspo  you will love!

Bride standing in a green meadow looking toward the ground holding bouquet

Bride Leah stands in a beautiful green meadow on Mint Springs Farm just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.
Hair by Sarah Crews of Black Tie And Blush
Makeup by Mandy Davis Makeup Artist
Photo by Nyk and Callie Photography

Avant Garde Bride

Non-traditional can not be over stated when it comes to your wedding style. Nothing about you is average and your big day will include all the unexpected elements that everyone has come to know and love your for. Your wedding will most likely be the party of the year and probably the most memorable one your guests have ever been to.
Your wedding hair will embrace and enhance the beauty and statement of whatever hair color or cut you have at the time. Your makeup is your playground, just be sure that your natural beauty is being enhanced, not upstaged. It’s your wedding after all.

Click here for out of the ordinary wedding inspo

Profile of dark-haired woman with an edgy updo wearing a white tank top against a light gray backdrop

From Black Tie And Blush’s Menu Of Styles Collection. Savannah is modeling an edgy updo and smokey eye makeup look.
Hair By Sarah Crews of Black Tie And Blush
Makeup by Mandy Davis Makeup Artist
Photo by Crystal K Martel

Maybe you find yourself solely in one of these descriptions but I would suspect you are a perfectly unique tapestry of many of these elements. Whatever your wedding and bridal style, just remember, no one will every be you.  Don’t forget to celebrate those things that set you apart. Play them up and enjoy every moment of your big day.

What is YOUR Bridal Spirit Animal?

To see a complete Menu Of Hairstyles And Makeup Looks that you can pick and choose from and use to inspire your perfect look, Click here

What is YOUR Bridal Spirit Animal?


August 9, 2019


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