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  8 Questions for Mandy Davis, Makeup Artist.

Mandy Davis Makeup Artist

Nashville Makeup Artist Mandy Davis is a featured artist with Black Tie And Blush.

When I started Black Tie And Blush, my mission was (and still is) to have the most skilled, elite hair and makeup artists on the team. Quality is huge for me when it comes to the services we perform. I knew that I only wanted people that I believed in 110% to represent my new company. Trust is #1.

Meet Mandy Davis.

Black and White headshot of Nashville Makeup Artist Mandy Davis of Project Face

Meet Mandy

The first person I went to for advice was Mandy. She is one of the most talented and professional makeup artists I have ever met. …And I’ve met a lot. From NY Fashion Week to NY Bridal Fashion Week to styled shoots for major brands across the U.S., she is a rock star. Plus, Mandy has been running her own successful makeup business for years and has a YouTube Channel with over 26K subscribers.  Hello.

YouTube Image of Nashville Makeup Artist Mandy Davis holding new products for review

Mandy has over 26,000 subscribers to her Youtube Channel

So I wanted to pick her brain a bit and have you get to know her. I know you’ll be as inspired as I am by her and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna walk away with a valuable nugget or two.


Our Conversation:

1.   BTB (Black Tie And Blush): When did you become a makeup artist and what originally inspired you?

MD (Mandy Davis): I became a makeup artist in 2014. Products have always been my biggest inspiration. I have such a love of trying new things and finding the next best thing. Because I was a well-known product junkie, my best friend asked me to do her makeup for her wedding. I left that room knowing my lot in life was in bridal makeup. Everything about it just felt right.

2.   BTB: I love that story. So what would you say is your “secret sauce?” Like what sets you apart as a makeup artist?

MD: Haha. I would say that my secret sauce is my insane memory when it comes to things I am passionate about. Because I have such a good memory, I am able to remember ingredients, pros, cons, pricing, who it works for and who it doesn’t for every single product I have ever touched. I find that helps in making sure my clients get the most customized face possible.

Complete Makeup Artist Kit opened up with all the products

Mandy remembers pros, cons, pricing and more for every single product she has!

3.   BTB: That is amazing! I can’t remember what I even walked into the kitchen for. So I need you. haha!  Ok, so I gotta know, what products and or tool(s) can you not live without?

MD: Skincare! Makeup only looks as good as the skin it sits on and if I don’t prep a face properly, the makeup not only won’t look good, but it won’t last. Prep is priority! If I had to pick one skin prep product that I couldn’t live without, it would have to be Keihl’s Ultra Facial Cream. It works like MAGIC under makeup.  As far as tools,  I can’t live without cotton swabs. It sounds a little ridiculous, but I can honestly use them for everything…in place of a spatuala for sanitary reasons, to clean up eye makeup, to apply lipstick and balm, to remove eye boogers (LOL)… the list is endless. I have different sizes, colors and brands in my kit and always will!

4.   BTB: I am with you on the cotton swabs. They could probably save the world somehow. haha!  

So what would I be surprised to find in your kit?

MD: A handheld, electric fan. I use it for drying the face in between makeup and skincare steps, as well as drying lash glue to make it tacky for application. Don’t ever trust a makeup artist who blows on your lashes with their breath!

5.   BTB: Ah!!! Genius. Good advice definitely!

Ok, next question: What career achievement has meant the most to you?

MD: When I was asked to be the makeup artist by CNN for the Nashville coverage of the solar eclipse. I felt like I’d made it.

6.   BTB: I didn’t know that! Pretty amazing when CNN is calling on you!

Ok so now, what’s something you wish all your clients knew?

MD: That makeup isn’t Photoshop. If it was, Photoshop wouldn’t exist. It can’t take away texture and it is meant to enhance, not mask.

Makeup application before and after side by side photo of bride to be

Mandy says “Makeup should enhance, not mask.” This is perfect!

7.   BTB: Perfect. And what myth do you wish people would stop believing about skincare or makeup?

MD: Women CAN use shimmer past the age of 40! I can’t tell you the number of mothers of the bride tell me they have heard that they can’t so they don’t. There are so many awesome shimmer products that look amazing on mature women, and ladies are missing out!

8.   BTB: OMG thank you! I love some shimmer but yeah, I feel that sometimes. I don’t wanna miss out on shimmer! haha! I think that could be a whole blog post. What shimmer products work best on mature skin. We’ll put that in the suggestion box.😀

Ok, final question: What keeps you inspired now?

MD: Topping my last face. It is always my goal…get better with every single job I do. If I stop striving to be better, I need to stop painting faces.

Nashville makeup artist Mandy Davis applying makeup to a bride.

Continuously topping her work is what keeps Mandy inspired.


If you were inspired or learned something new, drop a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

hair stylist Sarah Crews and makeup artist Mandy Davis work together on a bride at Mint Springs Farm outside Nashville Tennessee

Mandy Davis and Sarah Crews work together on a bride at Mint Springs Farm outside Nashville Tennessee



Pro Makeup Artist Mandy Davis shares her tricks and the real truth about shimmer.


July 27, 2019


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