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You’ve probably heard it before. -‘Hair works better for styling when it’s dirty’.

Is it really true?

Let’s talk.

Ok, so there will be varying opinions depending upon who you ask.  But listen, as experts who specialize in bridal and special occasion hair, we look at it this way:

We are artists. The hair is a canvas. On the canvas, we are going to create a masterpiece, oh yes we are.  And we are willing to bet that old Picasso didn’t just yank a canvas out of a dusty corner in his little room and go to town painting over the top of it without at least giving it a little sweep-off.  He had 99 problems but pretty sure a dirty canvas wasn’t one of them.

In addition, the canvas is usually prepped according to the medium and the desired outcome.

Have you ever seen a painting that had texture, where the application was so thick, it stood off the page? How about watercolor? Oils… Acrylic…heck, how about decoupage? Mixed media? Think about the first steps in these processes. Some use a primer. Decoupage needs glue as a foundation. Even modeling paste is used for a thick texture.  Each has a an outcome that is dependent upon how the foundation was prepped.

Same-sies over here in the hair department. Do you see where this is going? If we want volume, we will prep clean hair with the right volumizer and build the foundation correctly so that we can use our skill to create it and make it last.  If we are competing with dirt, oil or leftover hair products from a different day, our prep is compromised and the finish is not as pristine. If we want curl that will endure through the last call and champagne-inspired dance finale, we will equip even the most curl-challenged hair with exactly what it needs to maintain it’s bounciness to the end.

You wouldn’t think of our makeup artists layering on fine cosmetics over that sexy glitter eyeliner and stained red lip from last night’s bachlorette party, right?  Girl, wash your face! (Thanks Rachel Hollis). But seriously. You would cleanse your skin first. then the makeup artist would (probably cleanse a bit more) then prep your skin according to your skin-type and the desired finish.

Hair products can do wonders. Especially in the hands of experts who have specifically been trained in the art of styling. Our artists have worked with top designers at New York Bridal Fashion Week and we train other stylists the art of hair dressing. 

Wedding and special occasion hair and makeup artists are not all created equally. Your average salon stylist is actually not highly trained in this area. Many don’t even feel comfortable doing it. And some may even believe that day-old hair is a good thing for styling. But relying on natural dirt and oil to serve as your smoother, de-frizzer, gripper for upstyles, or curl-holding go-to is, well…ew.

Wherever in the world you decide to say “I do,” seek out specialists and ask questions.

Keep it fresh on your wedding day. Show up to your bridal hair appointment with clean, dry, hair. This goes for your bridal trial as well!

Happy wedding day beautiful!


Clean or Dirty? How Should I Prepare For My Wedding Hair Style


June 3, 2019


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