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Girl getting her hair and makeup done on her wedding day

Booking your hair and makeup early can save you from being disappointed with your look on your most important day. Photo by Greg and Jess Photography Nashville

Ok, listen up. this could save you some major stress on the big day.
So as hair and makeup artists who’ve been around the ole wedding block a time or two, we see the mistakes brides make in planning their weddings. One of the biggest regrets we hear brides say is that they wish they hadn’t waited so long to find the right hair and makeup artists.
Let’s think about this for a second.
Who is the absolute center of attention here?
Correct. It’s you.
So all eyes are on who?
Soooo, if your hair is falling or you are sweating through your makeup because someone didn’t use products tailored to your skin type, then…no wedding photographer or gorgeous venue is going to be able to help that.
Think for a second, can you remember a time where you had your hair or makeup done for something and you literally went straight home and took it all down or washed it off?
Maybe it was back in the prom days, or maybe it was just at bad haircut or hair color. Take a sec and think about how that felt. Would you ever want to feel that way on the biggest day of your life?
See where this is going?
A bride to be who is disappointed with her hair and makeup on her wedding day

Don’t risk feeling disappointed on your wedding day. Book your wedding hair and makeup early.

Not all hair and makeup artists are created equally.
 The best hair and makeup artists get booked a year or more in advance. Waiting until the 6 month or 3 month mark will likely get you whoever is still available. And that’s just risky.
Wedding hair and makeup are specialty skills.
Did you know?
Your average salon hair dresser or freelance makeup enthusiast will not usually be able to deliver the exact results you are looking for. You need a specialist for this day. Like really, ….of all days.
Did you also know?
That most hair stylists focus their training on cutting and coloring skills? Creating the gorgeous looks you see all over Pinterest is something that most stylists do not feel comfortable with. (And honestly, most will admit it makes them nervous. Most of the time, if they don’t specialize, they don’t feel confident that they can really do exactly what you are asking for)
And specialized makeup artistry for weddings is not something you should be asking your hairstylist to do. They simply are not equipped with the tools, training and products to ensure a flawless look that will hold up for 10+ hours.


Model against neutral gray backdrop wearing a white tank top with dark hair.

Your beauty artists should specialize in hair and makeup for weddings and special events. Photo by Crystal K. Martel. Makeup by Mandy Davis
Hair by Sarah Crews


You want artists who are passionate, specialty trained and have perfected their skill in the one thing you need them to get right on your most important day.
You wouldn’t ask your mom to make your wedding cake right? (unless she’s a wedding cake person) What’s good for your 5th birthday isn’t necessarily gonna “cut it” for your wedding cake.
Uncle Glen is always there with the camera at the family bar-b-que but you aren’t asking him to document your most important day, any time soon are you?
Let’s not add to the stress of everything else on your wedding day by having you look in the mirror and feel disappointed. You are supposed to look and feel beautiful.
So, book your hair and makeup EARLY.
Download my FREE wedding planning checklist to easily keep track of which wedding vendors you should hire and when.
Now get out there and plan that wedding!

Why You Should Book Hair And Makeup First When Planning Your Wedding


February 8, 2019


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